Dental Bonding in Murrells Inlet, SC

Dental bonding is a very easy way to repair a damaged tooth. The entire process is handled at your local dental office, and it all begins with a consultation. During your consultation visit, your dentist will be able to discuss your treatment goals with you. The dentist will use a shade guide to determine which composite resin will match your smile’s natural color the best.

The composite resin comes in a variety of natural shades to ensure it blends in. It can be used to repair chipped, fractured, or otherwise damaged teeth in many different scenarios. After selecting the resin that matches most closely, the dentist will slightly etch your tooth’s surface to roughen it. This will allow the resin to adhere easily.

Following this process, the dentist will apply a conditioning liquid that will further help the bonding material adhere to your tooth. After this preparation phase is complete, your doctor will pull out some putty-like resin and apply it to your tooth. The resin will be able to be molded to your tooth’s shape and smoothed to help it look realistic and natural. An ultraviolet light or laser will then be used to harden the resin once it has been properly shaped.

Once the bonding material has been hardened, some final trimming and shaping steps will be taken to complete the look. Your dentist will also polish the material so it matches the sheen of your teeth and the rest of the tooth’s surface. In general, the entire process takes between 30 to 60 minutes to finish.

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