Dentures in Murrells Inlet, SC

If you suffer from missing teeth, there’s a good chance that you are considering dentures to help restore your beautiful smile. If you have lost your natural teeth, replacing them with dentures or another solution will help you with your confidence and your overall health. Dentures will make it easier for you to speak, eat, and go on about your daily life.

Without your natural teeth, you are likely to find that your facial muscles begin sagging, making you appear older. With dentures, you can fill out this appearance and keep your face looking young, healthy, and natural. Dentures will also be designed to closely resemble your natural smile, and even be used to improve your mouth’s overall appearance.

There are many types of dentures that you may choose from today, the most common are: conventional, immediate, and overdenture. With conventional dentures, you will be given a removable complete set of dentures that will be placed into an empty mouth. Your remaining teeth will need to be removed, and then the spots need to be allowed to heal (which may take months).

Immediate dentures will be inserted the same day that your remaining teeth are removed, but you may need to have your dentures remade or relined after your jaw has finished healing from the removal of the remaining teeth. Immediate dentures will allow you to go through the healing process with a full mouth.

Overdentures can sometimes be used if your remaining teeth can be saved. This is ideal since having natural teeth will help preserve the bones in your jaw while also providing stability for the denture. An overdenture can be fitted over your remaining natural teeth. Dental implants can also serve a similar function.

Keep in mind that it will take you a few weeks to adapt to any kind of denture appliance that’s placed in your mouth. Your dentist can help you during the transition process. To learn more about dentures in Murrells Inlet, contact our dental team today.

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