Full Mouth Reconstruction in Murrells Inlet, SC

Many people are facing multiple dental issues at once that requires a complete overview of their oral health to find a solution that will beautifully restore their smile. If you have dental problems that require a thorough and comprehensive treatment of your entire mouth, it’s important that you carefully review all your treatment options. If you have multiple missing teeth, multiple teeth with large fillings or extensive decay, broken or cracked teeth, badly worn teeth, or any other issue, you are likely a candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

Just as it sounds, full mouth reconstruction entails replacing or rebuilding all your teeth inside of your mouth. Full mouth reconstruction should consider both the function and health of your teeth and the overall appearance of the finished result to restore your smile to its most beautiful state. In some cases, your natural teeth may be saved, or they may be removed entirely so that your dentist can give you a new and healthy smile.

The way forward for full mouth reconstruction will be very personalized to your individual needs, so it should begin with a consultation where you sit down with your dentist and discuss the problems you are facing. Your dentist may take X-rays and examine your mouth to see the extent of decay and other issues. They will then lay out a potential treatment plan to reconstruct your mouth and inform you about the various options you may have for materials and methods.

Are you ready to have a restored smile that makes you feel confident once again? The first step is to schedule a consultation for full mouth reconstruction in Murrells Inlet. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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