Cavities in Murrells Inlet, SC

Just about everyone will suffer from a cavity at some point or another, but many people don’t fully understand what a cavity is or how it is treated. Basically, a cavity is a sign of dental decay. When bacteria can cluster and thrive within your mouth, they will begin eating away at your teeth, leaving behind a cavity. This cavity, or hole, will need to be cleaned out and filled to prevent the further growth of bacteria (and the further decay of your tooth).

If a cavity is left untreated, it will not simply go away on its own. The cavity will continue growing while the bacteria continue multiplying and eating away at the tooth. This will leave behind a larger and larger hole that will need to be filled. If the cavity goes untreated for some time, the bacteria will be able to eat through to the pulp (living tissue) within your tooth, causing severe pain and many other issues. When this happens, a root canal will be necessary to remove the infection.

Before your cavity reaches that point, your dentist will likely be able to fill the cavity using a variety of materials. This filling will be put in place after the dentist has thoroughly cleaned out the cavity and removed all bacteria. The filling will be used to fill in the cavity and prevent a new one from occurring in its place. However, large cavities can completely compromise the structural integrity of your tooth. When this happens, a filling may not be feasible.

In some severe instances, a cavity will lead to your tooth needing to be extracted altogether. If you have a cavity, speak with your dentist about your treatment options and don’t put it off. A cavity will not disappear without professional treatment.

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