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Up until just a few years back, many parents were still under the impression that the health of their child’s “baby teeth” wasn’t important in the long-term. Unfortunately, research has proven this mindset to be very harmful to your child’s overall well-being. While it’s true that your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced with their permanent “adult” teeth, if your child has poor dental habits from a young age, they aren’t being set up for success.

Additionally, unhealthy baby teeth have been shown to lead to less healthy adult teeth. This is because, while the teeth will naturally fall out and be replaced, the health of your child’s baby teeth will directly affect the health of their gums. With unhealthy gums, the adult teeth will not be as healthy as they could be, and this can heighten your child’s risk for cavities and other dental issues down the road.

It’s best to start your child off right with high-quality dental care and at-home habits that will set them up for a lifelong beautiful smile. Of course, we know it can be troublesome bringing your child to the dentist, especially if they are less than happy to come along.

This is why our office does everything we can to ensure that your child’s visit is relaxing and something they actually look forward to. Not only is our waiting area accommodating, but your child will be delighted with cartoons in the examination room while their cleaning and check-up is being carried out. Before you know it, your child and their healthy smile will be leaving the dental office with little to no fuss.

Do you have questions about your child’s dental health? Give our office a call today and schedule a consultation with a children’s dentist in Murrells Inlet. Our team of friendly and specialized staff members would be happy to schedule a cleaning and check-up for your child or a dental consultation for your toddler or infant.

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